I'm a little disappointed that curling irons were the only thing recommended.. I personally can't use a curling iron to get that kind of affect. Frankly my hair is pretty resilient to any type of styling once it's dry and set, and I'm not terribly keen on using a lot of heat on my hair if I can help it. With that being said I've had a lot of success using flexi-rods. I'm a medium/coarse, thick 2C, but I've used this on several different hair types with a lot of success also. Here's a good video to give you an idea: How To Get Taylor Swift's Curls Without Heat! - YouTube (start around 3:15)

I wouldn't recommend the products she is using if you are Curly Girl because they aren't CG friendly. As far a product recommendations go I'd suggest a good leave in conditioner(I make my own), a touchable hold gel(I use tresemme defining gel, also not CG), and a smoothing serum or oil(coconut oil for me) before you put the curlers in. I also wouldn't suggest sleeping in them. They aren't particularly comfortable to sleep on, and if I leave mine in for more than hour my hair will shrink up at least 6 inches and the curls are too tight to get my fingers through, which kind of takes away from the look you're going for. ^_^
I would smooth your roots by stretching the curls a little or blow drying them some before using the curlers, so that the curls at your roots aren't tighter than those in your length. I think she mentions this, but to be sure, take larger sections of hair for looser curls, smaller sections for tighter. Anyways, sorry for the long post, hope this helps some.