I first tried the 30DS maybe about two years ago and I did it five days a week for 30 days. I was dying. But also totally shocked that I could actually tell a difference in my endurance.

Let me tell y'all that a few years ago I was 60 (well, 50 now that I've gained 10 lbs back!) pounds heavier, pretty sedentary, and had never exercised a day in my life. Long story short my extremely supportive and motivational husband helped me change that and I still can't believe I exercise on a regular basis and lost that weight. I was fat and miserable. We had both gained weight and he was able to lose over 30 pounds while we changed how we ate and exercised.

So, fast forward to now and since moving to CA I've gained about 10 lbs and realize what a huge difference that can make in my comfort level. I wasn't skinny by any means, but I was happy and comfortable and I'd like to get that back.

My oh my, how fast a year can go by. I realized that I've been doing the same piddling workout since we moved here without changing anything up and if I'm honest the "workout" wasn't even pushing myself. No wonder I've gained weight! So I decided to get that evil woman Jillian out of her little plastic case and give it a go again as a way to change things up for myself. I don't plan on doing it every day, but working it in a couple times a week along with switching it up between pilates and walking on my treadmill.

I'll also be honest and admit I totally have to pause it a few times so I don't die. I desperately need to build up to doing cardio because I get out of breath so easily just in some regular day to day things so I'm hoping it helps. Even though I paused it a few times I was still so sore the next morning that it hurt to pour coffee and I had to get creative with getting my shirt on because no way were my hands going over my head.

And for the record, I don't do the damn push ups. I hate the jumping jacks because it hurts my boobs, but I just hold them with one hand and do them. So I might be modifying things a little, but I figure at least I'm doing it.

So I hope we can all do this together and help motivate each other. I was sedentary and fat several years ago and when I first started exercising I seriously couldn't go a few minutes on the treadmill without being in pain. So if I can do this, anyone can!

When Jillian tells you "don't phone this in" just flip her off and keep on keepin' on. And try not to be envious of the one girls gorgeous curls and long legs.

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