I don't care who you are, but just because you are Filipino doesn't make you the best or above everyone else. You think you can curse and talk bad about everyone else because they aren't Asian? Anyone not "cool" or "popular" to you is a loser? I've got news to you, because not one person outside of your so called group of "BroHoes" likes you in any possible way. So drop the stupid "nerd" glasses that are so instyle to you, change out of those skin tight skinny jeans before your les fall off ( on second thought, I don't give a crap if they fall off) and learn that your just the same as anyone else. I absolutely hate how you laugh at everything someone says, while covering your mouth. What, are you too cool to show your mouth? Stop being all embarrassed when you have to stand up in front of someone. Or did I forgot you are too precious for that too? I swear, I am so DISGUSTED when I see you. Never in my life have I felt such hatred for such idiots as you. Roll your fricken eyes at me again and i will claw them out with spoons and throw them at you. Even if I was Filipino or Asian like you, I would never be your friend because of how stuck up, mean, and ridiculous you are. I swear if you give me another dirty look, I may just blow your head off with a gun. Go kill yourself because honestly I will do it myself if you dont and it won't be fun.

Wow. I'm still a little fired up. Haha I guess I'm a little violent