+1 to adthomas. The idea behind suggesting detangling in the shower is that you can apply your conditioner, let it sit and then when the hair is at its softest you can detangle with less stress to the hair. Finger detangling is recommended, but with tight coily hair that may not always be enough to get all the shed hairs out. Sometimes you need to go back in with a wide tooth comb, but that is perfectly fine as long as you're gentle. Not sure where the running water bit came from, though. That works for some and not for others. I prefer to detangle (also in sections) and then rinse under the water with my fingers afterwards, just as a double/triple check that all the tangles are out, but I don't just stand under the shower trying to detangle my whole head.

All care "methods" are not rules, they are simply guidelines, meaning not required but recommended. In the end just do what works best for you.

I know people say that a lot but it's true. It really is in each person's best interest to view it like that (time, money, etc). For the people that struggle with their hair trying to find "the right regimen"...the sooner you figure out that you just have to get in there and try different things to see what works, the easier it will be, like a light bulb will click on and it won't be such a mystery anymore lol.
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