Spring, I'm very impressed with not only your substantial weightloss, but your willingness to go through the 30 Day Shred again! That takes a lot of determination. I think it's perfectly fine to modify where and when you need to, as long as you keep something moving!

I hear ya on not pushing yourself lately. I guess I've been doing the same thing, or "phoning it in", as it were. Not being able to run, much less walk my daily 4.25 route, I had to rely on my library of workout tapes or simply trying to do a routine on my own. It was too easy to do the workouts while barely breaking a sweat.

And that's where JM comes in. I need her drill sergeant-like personality to push me to my limit. I do the push-ups, but not all of them. I don't mind the jumping jacks. And squats and lunges, while not my favorite, really are two of the best moves to whip the thighs, hips, and backside into shape. So far none of those moves have aggravated my knees. I do find that I need more stretching before beginning her workout and most definitely afterwards. Today, I could feel a little soreness in my tush and the tops of my shoulders, but I powered through.

The BB system came with a clean-eating diet plan and it falls in line with what I've already been doing for a couple of weeks on my own. I find that for me, I get the quickest and most dramatic results when I combine fitness and dieting. One without the other just doesn't work for me. I am determined to lose all the weight by the end of the summer.

I do have couple of questions for you, though. When did you decide to move up to the next level? Do you do each one for 10 days or just move up when you feel ready? How about when you finish the program and have not yet met your weightloss goal? Do you just continue with the highest level, or move onto another of her routines?

And yes, it's hard not to be envious of Natalie, the girl with the gorgeous curls and the long legs. I find myself trying to keep up with her!

ninja - What spring said! We'd love for you to join in. I can certainly see JM being a tough cookie. She seems OK now, but probably gets tougher as the difficulty progresses.
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