I have fine, porous hair and live with very high dew points year-round. I'm just learning about humectants and proteins, and I'm wanting to try a humectant and protein free hair regimen. My problem is finding co-washes, DT's, and styling products that ate free of both humectants and protein. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd much prefer products I can buy in a salon/ store.
Fine 2b hair, medium density, high porosity, normal elasticity
High dew points every season except winter, but high humidity year-round
Modified CG since 5/26/12
Low 'poo: Nature's Gates Herbal Shampoo
CO wash: V05 Kiwi Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner
PT: ION EC twice a week; IA Girl's Gelatin PT once a week
Styler: Just 4 Us Naturals Spring Back Curling Custard, HETT gel, and Ecostyler Krystal
Methods: diffusing for volume, SOTC
HG Products: Just 4 Us CC, GVP CB