I was trying to reply to you yesterday, but nc.com wasn't cooperating.
I have fine, highlighted hair. I would recommend protein - I swear by weekly gelatin PTs (using IAgirl's recipe, link below). Protein can help reduce frizz. Protein has made ALL the difference for me in helping hold my 2c curls all day long, keeping frizz at bay, and adding shine. I do the weekly gelatin PTs and I also use some products that contain protein.
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Thanks wavymom! I know, this site was acting very strangely yesterday. I have been using Spiral Solution's Protein Repairing Treatment weekly and religiously and I always follow up with a good DT: CJ's curl rehab, so I'm thinking, maybe my stylers are giving me grief? I rotate them around and seem to always get the same result. I just wish someone could tell me what to do or what not to do, lol!

Thanks for your replies, ladies.