I do have couple of questions for you, though. When did you decide to move up to the next level? Do you do each one for 10 days or just move up when you feel ready? How about when you finish the program and have not yet met your weightloss goal? Do you just continue with the highest level, or move onto another of her routines?
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That's a very good question, if I can remember the answer! I'm pretty sure I just did it as I felt like I was able to, no particular set time frame. And back when I first did it I just sorta quit doing it, although I had intentions of incorporating it at least once a week just to do something different, I never did. This time around I'm not doing it every day like I did the first time, but want to just throw it in to change my daily workout up to something different.

Could I have "explained" it any more complicated?!

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