So yesterday I tried my hand (for the first time) at FSG.

The first batch I boiled too long and it was waaay to thick. I had to throw that away.

Blessedly I had the whole afternoon free and I was able to keep going with my attempts. The second time was the charm.

I boiled my FSG in water and AVJ. After extracting the gel from the seeds, I added grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E as preservatives then popped the FSG in the refridgerator. But since I added preservatives, do I still need to refridgerate to keep it from going bad it or can I keep it on the shelf with my other products?

Also, could I get some proportionality directions with regard to the preservatives? I had no idea how much (or how little) of the GSE and vitamin E I should put into my FSG. You know?

Thanks in advance to anyone offering help and guidance.

Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense