I have fine porous color treated hair but live in a dry part of the country. My struggles are different unfortunately. Funny enough lately we've been cloudy overcast and rainy every day with sees in the high 50's low 60's which is insane high here. Usually the dews are crazy low in the 40's.
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That's interesting, what state do you live in? What are your struggles? Are there any products you find that are helping out a little? TIA
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I live in the panhandle of Texas. Very very dry most of the time. Right now I'm using suave coconut to cowash.giovanni restorative to ro. Burt's bees as lo poo. Still struggling to find the right protein. Hair seems to like silk protein. I use my own fsg with Shea butter, aloe and some condish, neutral protein filler. Aif gel. So far it's ok, better actually. I have to stay away from humectants. Oils make my hair feel funny.
2a canopy with 2b underneath.
Fine hair, low elasticity,
Hair dislikes oil
Live in dry climate