Permanent colouring fried my hair dry but didn't change the curl. A semi-permanent gloss slightly loosens and softens it though - not in a bad way, I like it. I think it adds weight to my hair.

Products - make it look bad temporarily but don't change the curl.

Straightening - works temporarily if done right but doesn't change my hair. In the past it has damaged my hair because it was done wrong, now it's fine.

Passage of time - well yes, in a way. Length and weight definitely stretch out my curl, esp. at the roots and lessen some of the bulk. Short, my hair is definitely 3c and super pouffy, now longer it's maybe more 3b/c and lies flatter.

For me, I don't mind this at all. Nor did I mind how it was before. It's kind of neat to have the option of different looks.
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