I have fine & porous hair. I dont follow my PT's with a DT because I dont feel dry after a PT & dont feel the need to - it just OC's me. What stylers are you using? I prefer to shower at night myself, I never get up in time. I dont bother styling @ night & have given up on 2nd day hair. I go to sleep normally, wake up with totally wonky hair, then just water rinse & style in the morning. Saves time in the AMs. I diffuse for just a few mins then let it air dry on the way to work.
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ICL, I'm going to use SS:PRT tonight and just use the "usual" rinse out conditioner instead of the heavy rehab afterwards. It was just always drilled into my head that you HAD to use a heavy moisturizer afterwards.

I also HAVE to shower at night! I would rather sleep longer than to get up earlier to shower. I hop in after work which is about 5:30 so I have plenty of time to get dry before I sleep on it. I'm just trying to find a good second day hair routine to refresh and get rid of any bed fuzz

As for stylers, I'm constantly rotating between Biotera Gel, SS FHG, Curl Queen (which is really temperamental, lol), Batia & Aleeza and I just recently picked up L.A. Looks Sport Gel because of Waterlily's videos and the rave reviews about it. My hair feels like straw after using that so that was a waste of $3. Better than $20, right? I have a couple of curl cremes that I tried quite some time ago and wasn't impressed either. I also have some homemade flaxseed gel, but it's starting to smell funky and I always need something on top cause it doesn't look like I put any styler in my hair just by itself.

Thanks for taking your time to read all of this

As for stylers
Upper Michigan Dews
3a ~ Fine ~ High Porosity ~ Normal Density

NoPoo: JC Cleansing Cream
Rinse Outs: SS:PRT, CJ Repair Me, CJ Argan
Detangler: KCKT
Leave-in: CJ Repair me
Stylers: UFDCM, BRHG
Refreshers: Batiste (dry shampoo) on the roots & UFDCM everywhere else

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