After the new design to the forum, the pulldown menus are blocking out the existing text on the page. For example, in the Products section, when you click on "Ingredients" you can't actually read the ingredients of any of the products because the grey background of the rest of the pulldown menus block out the ingredients that show up. When you click on "add a review" you can't see half the options for adding a review because the pulldown menus don't retract so that you can add your review, so you can't select a curl rating or see what you are typing.

This happens in other screens too. when you are logging back into the forum, you can't click on "login" because the "login" button is imposed over the menu bar at the top of the page, and when you click on "login" you are instead clicking on "Hair Types," for example.

There are other quirks like this that have to do with the pulldown menus and the text underneath not being visible/accessible.
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

3b. fine & thick, coarse, dry, medium porosity. Sucks up product and loves ACVs! FSG is my HG!

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Style: FSG w/Aussie Instant Freeze & CIAB