If you dont feel dry after a PT, you def dont "have" to follow it up with a DT. Do you use an LI? My new love is KCKT - few ingredients, & not too heavy for fine hair. Makes it feel like silk.

Haven't tried any of your stylers so I dont have much input on them, but in general I dislike strong hold, sticky gels. My curl pattern is pretty strong on its own though. Not strong as in super tight, but strong as in stubborn.

Def report back on the gelatin PT. Love that stuff!
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^ I will, I can't wait to try it, I wish I didn't have to wait that long, lol!

Ok, so tonight a did a 5 min PT in the shower and then used my cheap suave coconut as a rinse out, then used my homemade flaxseed gel with the SSFHG on top. We shall see…

I use a leave-in (Curly Kinks Satin Roots) every so often when the ends feels dry, for example after I use a really strong hold drying gel or during the winter months. Lately, only about 1/2 a pea sized blob on the ends.

I also was under the impression that the more moisture and the stronger the hold of gel, the less frizz I will have. I guess that may be true for some or most?

The strange thing is, when my second day hair is feeling gross, dry/straw-like and producty, as soon as I wet my hair in the shower, that all goes away and it almost feels slimy.

I am in search of some KCKT on the boards right now, it's time to revisit that leave-in again )