Hi, I had a new "natural" keratin done last week. It is called Natura keratin and is supposed to be "organic". I had it done on Tuesday and I am very dissatisfied. The hair looks good with curls, but the smell when you wash it is horrendous. The hairstylist who did this told me that the first wash I would smell a "little" bit metallic. Yeah right! That first day I almost vomited in the shower and washed my hair five times, no kidding. I called the company, and a very nice lady told me to buy chamomille shampoo and wash it everyday for this whole week. I have done this four times everyday for the whole week. The chamomille is supposed to neutralized the hair making it less acidic according to her. It still smells pretty bad when it is wet. There is no way I can see if I have curls because the scent is so bad while wet that I can't leave it to dry naturally. I am soo frustrated, and disappointed. I don't know what else to do. I have used the chamomile shampoo and even a detoxifying one, which seems to make it worse. If someone can help, please help!!!! The moral of the story: accept your curls.