Question for you who follow some version of the CG routine:

I noticed that many of you responded that did not use conditioner or did not leave in a moisturizer before you found out about Ouidad, Lorraine Massey's routine, or Why?

Also, assuming that you are more aware of your hair (and how can you not after spending at least 5 minutes on this board), what do you think kept you from having beautiful curly hair when you were younger?

I think *part* of it may have to do with how our mothers (or fathers) taught us to care for our hair and their attitudes towards curls. So what do you think?

I will go first. My mom has curly hair and thought curls were sexy (that is why my parents made me wear braids until I was 10 ) but always wanted straight hair because she loves the sleekness and length you can see with it. However, she (and my dad) knew how to care for curly hair and we always did a modified version of the modern CG routine. Even when I relaxed, I treated my hair as if it were still curly. I had healthy beautiful hair then, okay hair when I was a teenager and relaxing, and now I not only have healthy beautiful hair thanks to LM and I accept my curls :P . The only things I learned new were to understand what the purpose of each cosmetic ingredient and what it does to my hair and how to listen to my hair instead of smothering it into submission.

So let me know what you curly girls think?

Oh, and if no one answers I will have to delete this thread to save myself from embarrassment like a certain someone on this message board .

ETA: I did not realize you could not choose more than one option so instead of choosing "Yes" or "No" please choose one of the other options. If you choose "Yes" or "No" please post your additional comments here. Sorry about the confusion for this is my first poll .