I think its great that you have found sea salt to remove it for those of you who have, but I wasn't so lucky. I think I tried for about a year to strip the stuff out, but I'm positive it weakened my hair so bad that there was just no chance for me to enjoy it anymore. The curls looked almost exactly the same once the product wore off, however my ends have never FELT the same. They are spongey and flat and do not have the same kind of bounce. You can't even feel the curly bumps like I used to be able to, it's so smoothed out.

I chopped about 8 inches off as an end result of 2 treatments last year (the hair LOOKED alright but never behaved the same, and was a thinner/flatter version of the orginal it was almost like a texturizer except without the same kind of breakage). 6 months after the last treatment I realized I had a different head of hair, this was well past the time it takes to revert. I've been cutting about 1/4-1/2 an inch of the suspicious-looking ends each since then, and I can tell the difference very well. I went from around BSL to chin length, and I'm barely past CBL now after a year of all that nonsense.

I would caution that even if your hair looks like it reverted to be very gentle still, because the effects may not show immediately IF it damaged your hair. Overtime you may see a degradation of the ends like I did, even if they look the way they used to they may not behave the same. *People with non-porous, or more coarse hair may not have the same issue.

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