I'll save you from embarassment Cehua!!!
CG is nothing new to me ( as the AHS shows!)
I always shampooed 1x a week or less, always left in moisturizer/oil, started leaving conditioner in years ago, always used gentle shampoos, stayed away from alcohol in products years ago, ditched gel, mousse and hairspray years ago.

My mama is a 4b and always took care of her hair, but she does like a straight look. I had beautiful, healthy, long hair as a child but almost always wore it straight. When I went natural at 16, it was like learning to do a whole new head of hair and so I taught myself and figured out how to get healthy hair on my own.

And a lot of the so-called "bad" CG stuff is good in my hair, which I've found out through trial and error. You just have to know your hair.
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