Thanks again Kathymack. And thank you too to Ceri.

I read both your posts and read the website links you all sent me. I agree with Monipearl that this is enough to make your head spin!

My hats off to you, Ceri for all of that extra time and effort you invest to make it right! No germies in your FSG for sure!

I *think* though (since I don't plan on selling my FSG) that for my personal needs I can get away with using clean metal or glass pots, sterile; clean, new containers to store my FSG, make it in small batches, and keep it in the 'fridge between uses. I use gel weekly on my hair so I know that I will use it up quickly and won't have to worry about it spoiling from being in the 'fridge too long. I'll also just keep a jar of KCCC on hand for those times when it won't be practical to use my FSG (i.e. during times of traveling).

Thanks so much again for the information in both your posts and in the links you provided. I really appreciate it.


BTW, I tried my homemade FSG on my tresses. In fact, I applied my FSG to the hair on my left side and KCCC to the hair on my right so I could have a side-by-side comparison. So far, I am very excited by what I am seeing. The FSG is holding its own next to the KCCC. I have found (thus far) that it takes a little longer to SOTC with regard to the FSG but that also translates to multiple day hair before I have to add more to my tresses versus the KCCC. You know? I hope that makes sense. Anyway, like I said, I'm pretty excited as this is going to save me tons of money. Thanks again!
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