I used tri-luma too- I have dark spots on my forehead, upper lip, and on both cheek bones under the eye area. I got laser treatment for it about a year ago and kept out of the sun and used sun block (45 SPF) and wore a hat, but after about 2 months they just came back. I have fair-medium sensitive skin. Tri-luma did work for me after about 7 days of using nightly. I still have the tube and it expired in October 2011, but I'm going to use it again anyway since there's so much left and it's really expensive. I will post again in a few days to let you know if it's still potent enough or if there are any adverse reactions since it's expired. I recommend using Aveeno (clear complexion) face lotion with soy to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of brown spots. It does work- but it takes about a few weeks of daily use to see results. It's also good to prevent break-outs. I highly recommend trying it as a daily moisturizer along with a sun block cream.
Hope my info. was helpful to anyone reading with similar issues!