Wait. So if I relax today, am I natural tomorrow and everyday after that until I relax again?? I say ur transitioning to natural until all the relaxed hair is gone. BUT who really gives a ish. We're not in a competition. Welcome her to the natural family and let's hope she stays a while. If not, that's ok too. It's not our hair.
Originally Posted by mcheryce
That's a great point, mcheryce. I agree that transitioning is a more accurate term. However, I think once someone has the intention of no longer relaxing their hair and going natural, they can call themselves natural if they'd like.

Totally this. I've had people say they're natural because they have a texturizer. I do not agree and will tell them so. That's the line.

But if she is transitioning I GUESS it's ok to say she's natural. As long as she doesn't get it in her mind that the relaxed waves are her "natural texture". That can lead to major problems.
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Oy, texturizer... (Grade school flashbackkkk.) I agree that is not natural. At all. Plus the hair gets all porous and angry. lol ...My scalp itches just thinking about it.

If anything i think we should cut transitioning-girl-who-calls-herself-natural some slack. Her damaged relaxed hair is gonna look funky until she cuts it off and then she has to learn how to work with her real texture! We know what really looks good, ladies. And it ain't the texturized stuff.
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