Today's update:

Today was my 5th consecutive day of 'Shredding'. Getting through the workouts is getting slightly easier although I'm still not doing all the push-ups. Different muscles were sore this morning: upper chest, triceps, and inner thighs. I also noticed my hamstrings and calves felt tight today and the jumpropes had me grimacing. lol I still need extra stretching after the workout, and that is the one area where I feel JM is deficient. I felt pretty good when I finished today, though.

I am still doing an afternoon workout with the BB Slim in 6 DVDs. I moved on to the second level today. That workout is 54 minutes long, but I only completed 45 minutes as the last part was more push-ups and ab work that I didn't care to repeat. I am really not liking this series. I don't find it motivating enough to stick it out. The music is lame and the workouts are just not challenging enough. My plan was to do both workouts daily for a week for a nice jumpstart, and today was day 6. I think instead I will use some step aerobics DVDs for more cardio. I will also shoot for working out 6 days a week. It's what I'm use to and it works well for me. I'll take Sundays off to let my body rest.

The diet is going pretty well. I'd say I'm sticking to a very clean diet plan about 90% of the time. I did slip this weekend and had a glass of wine - I NEEDED it! I was also ready to kill for a potato chip, so I gave in and had a small handful. I'm expecting my period any day now, and I always get a craving for salty, crunchy things. And because of my impending period, I'm not looking forward to Friday's weigh-in, due to the usual 1 to 2-lb. weight gain I invariably get at that time of the month. Plus, I have a tendency to gain a little muscle when I begin strength training before I begin losing pounds on the scale.

Oh, well. I'm just going to continue plugging along. I hope my workout buddies are doing well. Let's hear some updates!
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