Well I won't be making the switch after all. I'll be stuck paying the 27 bucks (unless I go to eBay) for my foundation. Found out with my current acne regimen that the mica content in Meow Cosmetics is just to much for my skin. And it's just not worth changing my acne regimen just to wear a foundation.

Doctor says the lauroyl lysine in the bareMinerals matte seems to work better for my skin issues. Oh well.. at least I can still use the Meow Minerals primer. Can't win them all I guess. Thankfully.. bareMinerals matte has always worked for me and they have my colors for winter and summer (perfect matches too)..I just wish the heck they would make more of their stuff bismuth oxychloride free!

Sort of weird because I never had any problem with Meow but then again I've never been using so many strong acne products so often either..oh well.