I've had everywhere from very moderate acne to very severe. It's miserable and embarrassing, and I did everything I could to cover it. It finally got bad enough that my parents took me to a doctor who referred me to a dermatologist. I was put on antibiotics and given several very harsh chemical washes and treatments to use. Granted it cleared up the worst most infected parts, but I still struggled with it. I did copious amounts of research on ingredients in treatments, different causes of acne, which worked, why they worked, etc, and I tried about everything. That being said, I know my way around acne treatments pretty well.

As for PROACTIV, it's nothing special. It's a basic routine, with the same ingredients as the stuff you'll find at wal-mart(shocking right?). It's a salicylic acid wash, a gentle toner, a moisturizer, and I believe it includes some kind of mask..Anyways, while it is true that not everything at wal-mart is fantastic, a lot of it works better than the high end products, and you get a lot more bang for your buck. The larger drugstore companies have a lot more money for research, and are competing with the higher end products, so they tend to produce some good stuff on occasion. Usually a lot of the problems is in how they are used.

Keeping a consistent routine is probably the most important and effective way to fight acne. It takes about 2 weeks for skin to go through its complete cycle, and it's best to stick with a routine for at 1-3 months to see if it works. Second most important part is knowing you skin. 9 times out of 10 what worked for your friend won't work for you because your skin types are different, very similar to how hair products tend to work for one and not the other. Skin also has types

Referring back to the routine thing(broken record, sorry ^-^) Not saying you can't/shouldn't try PROACTIV, but it's terribly expensive for what it is. You're most likely to get the best results with a 2% salicylic acid wash(clears away the dead skin and bacteria),an alcohol free toner(anything with do really, this serves to cleanse a little deeper than the wash and remove any makeup you may have missed), a basic moisturizer(VERY important, though type of moisturizer depends on your skin type), a spot treatment(typically benzoyl peroxide or salicylic anything upward of 2% of either is excessive for mild acne), and since you have a hard time with healing probably something restorative before bed, which is when your skin is recovering(there are numerous products out there, but I use triple anitbiotic, it's proven to be pretty effective). Best ways to use all of this; wash twice a day, followed by the toner and moisturizer, before bed use the spot treatment and use the restorative treatment when every you think that there's a risk of scaring or marks.

Few more words of wisdom, if you can bear with me, drinking lots of water and taking vitamins can help with the healing process amongst other things. Do NOT PICK at any of it, and don't touch your face. I know it's tempting, but it makes it worse and increases the likelihood of scaring and future break outs. I know your very much interested in a perfect matte complexion, and you will undoubtedly use make up to achieve that, in which I recommend a few things; first, ALWAYS take off your make up before bed, less is more, try dotting concealer on trouble spots before foundation, I suggest mineral makeup as it won't cause anymore breakouts, and be sure to have clean hands and brushes before you apply your makeup. If your skin doesn't improve you really should see a dermatologist, also, they will point you in the right direction.

If you can handle anymore reading after that, here's a good website that you may find useful: It has all kinds of information on everything from the routine to make up and products.

Really hope this helped, and I am so sorry it's so long. I hope you made it through it all. ^_^