I've been trying this over the past three days. I tried yes to carrots as a Li and style and sealed with baby oil the one day and olive oil the next. Awesome results! My hair seemed a little weighed down because I didn't have ringlets. I tries suave tropical coconut as Li style today with baby oil, so far so good. I think it's doable but I need to find the right Li

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I've been curious how the Suaves work as LIs. How did your hair turn out?

Could be the oil weighing your hair down though?

The right LI is key for sure. I really wish I could still use Giovanni (the newer formulation foams up in my hair worse than the old version did, it's so annoying) and MOP (has a paraben), but if you don't care about parabens, and your hair can absorb Giovanni, I highly recommend those 2.

I'm going to try using Aussie Moist as my styler for the first time tomorrow.
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Idk why so many posts are coming up blank. Now I have to remember what I posted last night. lol

So last night I used the Sauve Naturals tropical coconut as a LI and styler and then I sealed with baby oil.

As my hair dried, sections had wonderful spiral curls and some sections were a frizzy frizzy mess. IDK if this was a problem with product distribution but I dont think so because I applied it in layers and used a denman brush.

As far as your comment about the oil weighing it down. Probably. Im actually experimenting with oils for the first time as well as the LI/styler. I probably shouldnt be doing two new things at once. HAHA.

Im going to keep trying and experimenting for the next few days and leave out the oil. Im LOVING the no gel feeling though. LOVING IT. I really really really really hope this works out for my hair because I really dont want to stick gel back in my hair.
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