I'm back.

Renpure unfortunately isn't working for me. The argan oil is too heavy, and the keratin is too proteinaceous. :[ I gave it a valiant effort and made it through a bottle of each, almost. They'd start off ok, but it would get buildy-uppy within a few days and I'd be using shampoo again. Good hair days were only about 2-4 days after shampoo. Then days 5+ would be stringy and oily, and the shampoo day would be frizzy.

BUT I recently found the Yes To Carrots at target. I guess it's been there all along, but in a weird section not with the other hair care. It's by lotions and stuff. huh. So I tried that, and while it's kind of heavy, I think it may be the answer for me. The next weeks will tell!
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