I started out loving the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (AOHR) conditioner, but after awhile my hair built up a tolerance to it or something, because it hated it. It started feeling greasy to me, and the smell got to be cloying. I felt like it was waxy and not moisturizing. It also has alot of protein in it.

Two conditioners I've been able to use over long periods of time and not build up a "tolerance" to are Yes to Cucumbers as a daily RO conditioner (and I can use it as a LI once in a while too), and my absolute favorite as a LI, Donna Marie Miracle Conditioner & Detangler.

The Donna Marie is not sold as a LI, it's sold as a multipurpose RO but it is so light that I use it exclusively as a LI with no problem, although I've used it as a RO too.
I also use it to style my 2nd day hair and that's where I get the best use out of it, it's amazing. I take a small amount in my palms with a tiny splash of water, and gently style my 2nd day curls. If I do this patiently with my Donna Marie condish, I get beautiful, frizz free curls. I can sometimes get 3rd day curls if I styled my hair well the 1st day

Yes to Cucumbers is available in most drugstores, Target, and at Ulta. Donna Marie you have to buy online, at AveYou or direct from Donna Marie's website. It's not to highly priced at $12 for an 8oz bottle.

I like both of these because they are very moisturizing without being very heavy and do not weigh my curls down.

I do have very dry hair, but I think I well moisturized in spite of that. For deep conditioning, I use a pre-wash treatment once a month. I use Ojon's prewash treatment, and it's oil-rich. I leave it on for 2 hours on a weekend morning while I clean or do other things.

When I want to use a normal deep conditioner, I use Sally's GVP. I usually just rotate that in whenever I feel the need for a little extra conditioning, or after I've done an ACV, about once a week. For my hair, Sally's GVP can be used as a multipurpose daily RO/DT/LI because my hair likes richness and won't get overconditioned, but the trick is also that I have a good rotation of other products.

BTW, I see the board is still being wonky. I had to edit to get my actual post up.
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

3b. fine & thick, coarse, dry, medium porosity. Sucks up product and loves ACVs! FSG is my HG!

Currently using:
Low Poo: TJ's Refresh No Poo: CoWash w/VO-5; Sonoma Soap Company sulfate-free poo
RO: Yes to Cuc; SSC Lavender Condish; Sally GVP LI: Donna Marie Miracle D&C
Style: FSG w/Aussie Instant Freeze & CIAB

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