Alrighty, I just finished and am trying to figure out why I decided to start this when it's summer and we're having our warmest week so far AND we have no AC. My after workout smoothie has never tasted better.

Things went fine today, although I do have an ongoing problem with figuring out how to eat something in the morning and workout without it making me feel icky. I don't think there is a way around it though. I have to eat something so I don't feel sick, but if I eat something I feel a little queasy when doing a workout with all this jumping around. All I'm having is toast and I don't think I can get any more bland than that.

I did a couple of pushups today so I guess that's progress and I didn't have to pause it but once to catch my breath. I'm still planning on doing this twice a week, pilates one day and treadmill the other two days. I've got another Jillian DVD I bought when we still lived in CT and never opened so maybe I'll get that out and see what it's about.

misspam, you're doing awesome! The diet is definitely where I'm trying to reign myself back in to eating better. I can't really restrict myself things because it just makes me want them ten fold, but I was able to totally change my eating habits in a way that worked for our lifestyle and I lost the weight, so I just need to get myself back on track with that.

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