I realize this is an old thread, but as I recently discovered my hair protein sensitive, I had to share my experience with a new CO wash.

Went to the Dollar General last night and bought Suave Naturals in Green Apple (all the new formulas are supposed to be protein-free, I believe) and my hair looks and feels phenomenal today! I was previously using a keratin cream rinse for my CO, and I was battling some severe frizz. Today, my frizz is at a minimum. I will probably always battle some frizz during the humid summer months in the South, but hopefully this product continues to help keep my hair soft and moisturized! Definitely recommend trying the Suave Naturals. It was $1 for the bottle so you won't waste money if it doesn't work!
Mostly 2c
Medium Width, Low Porosity (unsure), and Med-High Density
Frizz is a huge problem for me

Routine currently undergoing maintenance.
Low-Poo: PM Wild Ginger Awapuhi
CO/RO: SN Coconut
LI: GR Sleek & Shine
Mousse: HETT
Gel: HE Set Me Up
Pomade: BedHead Manipulator
DT: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Hair Likes: moisture, pineappling, scrunching
Hair Dislikes: raking product in, glycerin