Oh how I wish I could workout within 20 minutes of getting up, that would be a perfect scenario. My reality is that it takes me a good 45 minutes to an hour to really wake up enough not to injure myself while doing anything other than drinking coffee. I absolutely hate being so groggy for so long, but I guess it's just how my body works for some reason. I get up, take some medications and have my coffee while I wait my required 30 minutes (per the medications I take) then have my toast. I try to give myself a little bit after that before I start working out and if I'm just doing the treadmill or pilates I'm fairly ok with not feeling sick, but those jumping jacks get me. Blech. On the other end of it if I don't have something I feel light headed and even today I noticed when getting up from doing any of the floor stuff I was a little woozy. My body hates me, that's all.

You know one thing I dislike? That I can't fast forward through the beginning of the 30DS DVD and just get right to the menu. I don't want to sit there through that inrto every dern time! I know I can leave it at the end of the workout and it will go back to the menu, but I always have to remove the DVD from the player because we watch movies. Minor annoyance, I guess.

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is the other DVD I have, wrapper still on it! Apparently I can "ignite my fat-burning potential!".

I am LOVING the step workout outfits!! Do you have the step platform thing?

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