I'm transitioning from several non-relaxer related incidents:

2 BKT appliciations and frequent flatironing weakened and thinned my ends and removed some of my curl pattern. My bangs were almost completely straight and I have tried cutting over the months to remove the straight parts. I've been doing that for a year+.

Using protein gel and exposure to the elements is what really did some damage too. My roots along my hairline dried out until they are crispy with no curls. Ecostyler is loaded with protein to make your hair hard and stay in place, and I believe that it combined with the poor water quality, using shampoo, and weather to break some kind of bonds in my hair. I actually had nightmares a crazy Soldier put relaxer in my hair products it was so dramatic of a change. I figured if my hair was so damaged i was suspecting a relaxer I needed to transition again, at least for my edges and ends.

My last relaxer was April 2008, BC was May 2009, and last BKT was May 2010. I am still cutting off ends that were treated by BKT, with about 4 inches left. I also quit gel in May 2012 and am "low shampoo" now and I am already seeing results, I expect to be done transitioning maybe next spring. I just hope I can get it right before I deploy again.

No heat since August 2015