Jsuzkelley, we do like/use a lot of the same products! There are a couple I haven't tried though, the L'oreal Evercreme and the As I Am leave in. I've been wanting to try them both out because I've been hearing good things about them. I have more products than what are listed in my siggy ....those are just the ones I use more consistently. I want to start experimenting by using the same product combos for one week at a time and see which ones work consistently. This may help narrow down my faves. There are few more products that I'd like to try though, CJ pattern pusha, the two I mentioned already, BB's FSG, As I Am jelly, and can't remember which others right now. I do like to experiment. I was really liking cur keeper but I seemed to get a little dry after a while. I was amazed at being able to use just one styler and nothing else...I may bring it back out and alternate with other products to keep my hair balanced.
My hair hasn't met an oil it didn't like so far, which I'm glad about. Off to experiment some more.......
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I felt the same way about the curl keeper - I like that it doesn't way down my hair at all, no matter how much I use, but my hair did seem more dry. Maybe with the right product combo it would be great. I like the AIA leave in - its pretty light weight but still moisturizing. I also want to try the jelly and the co-wash (heard good things about both if these). And BB FSG has been tempting me for a while - just not sure yet that I want to spend the money on something I can make myself. But all the additional add ins she offers...very tempting. Tomorrow I'm going to try my samples of the DM hair whip and miracurl jelly - hopefully its another hit

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My favorite brands are Kinky Curly, As I am, Curly Kinks, Curl Junkie, and Darcy's Botanicals. Also love sealing with oils (loving argan oil right now) and styling with jelly products (KCCC is my current favorite). Mostly trying to keep it simple!

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