So I'm sure someone already suggested this but I'm going to tell you what I do anyway.

I used to just shower at night and then sleep with my hair down and it would be okay in the morning but sometimes it wouldn't. Then I tried putting my hair in a braid at night and sometimes it worked but over all I wasn't really satisfied with it. Then I found out about the pineapple, which is meant for second-day hair. But I just recently started using it for the night I showered and in the morning my hair would look really nice and curly and I got so many complements on it!

If you don't know how to do the pineapple here's what you do:
I typically let my hair air dry for half an hour to an hour after showering at night before I put it in a pineapple. Basically bend your neck forward so all of your hair falls on top of your head. Then gather all of your hair and put it in a loose but firm ponytail using a fabric-covered hair band. then loosen it a bit to the side and it will look kind of like a pineapple. Go to sleep like that and when you take it out in the morning (after getting dressed) you will really like how your hair looks! Just add some leave-in conditioner and you're set