I've always found curly hair more complicated in that if a day comes (like 2nd or 3rd day hair) that my hair just doesn't want to work with me and I don't feel like working with it, I can't simply toss it in a cute ponytail. Usually I do a headband (to try to hide my halo frizzes) and a scrunchy bun but I'm bored with it and it really doesn't look all that great. Plus it puts a lot of dents in my hair and the headbands give me a headache if I wear them all day. This is sort of what my do looks like but mine isn't as nice

So I was wondering if any curly friends had any suggestions for a quick style to keep hair out of my face when needed
Medium - Fine texture
Normal porosity
Normal elasticity
Halo frizz (and a bit on the sides/back)