I'm in about the same predicament. I've blow dried and straightened my hair for about 20 years and always had bangs. I just don't think I look right without them. I'm in the process of growing them out, wet and pulled straight they're down to my chin, but dried naturally they are right below my eyes, which is aggravating. I'm trying my best to fight the urge to cut them, but I'm going to really mad if I let them grow all the way out, and they still won't hang right. Right now I pull them back with a tiny claw clip.
Fine 2b hair, medium density, high porosity, normal elasticity
High dew points every season except winter, but high humidity year-round
Modified CG since 5/26/12
Low 'poo: Nature's Gates Herbal Shampoo
CO wash: V05 Kiwi Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner
PT: ION EC twice a week; IA Girl's Gelatin PT once a week
Styler: Just 4 Us Naturals Spring Back Curling Custard, HETT gel, and Ecostyler Krystal
Methods: diffusing for volume, SOTC
HG Products: Just 4 Us CC, GVP CB