Well when I'm not feeling my curly hair or it doesn't go with my outfit (or I just want a change) I'll put it up in a bun. I looked up some videos on youtube for cute curly updos. Basically put your hair into a pony tail. Then, using bobbypins, individually pin several strands of hair near the pony tail and leave a couple strands to frame your face and you will end up with a really cute curly bun. You can add a headband or clips if you want. It will look something like this:


Not as fancy though obviously. You can experiment with the result and see what works for you.

Another option if you don't want to do a full updo is to put half of your hair up in a pony tail and leave the other half down like this:


I also think putting your hair in a side braid on the 2nd or third day works really well and looks great.