Hi forum!
I'm new to here and as I can understand, I got a 3A Curly Twirly. Sorry this is gonna be a bit of a long post.
Well I never went to find out what kind of my hair is before, but I decided that I wanted to put some style on it!

So here is how I used to look like, some 6 years ago when I let it grow once:

How I look now:

Now I have some questions if you'd be kind of replying.
My hair feels bad - like a baby's hair - after wash and dry, exception for when is still wet (picture below). My hair gets better if I leave many days with no washing (rarely do it because it starts to feel uncomfortable).

Can you please let me know how often should I actually wash and should I use hot water and for how long? I read this article but not sure which one suits to me:
Curlies: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

The other question is about style. Can I do something like this guy on the picture below? Does this guy has the same kind of hair as mine? (I believe yes) and, mainly, what product should I use?

I've been trying Redken07 which is quite ok but feels greasy. I don't like feeling greasy durin days, I like natural shiny and definite hair like this guy below.

I appreciate your time reading this.

All the very best!