[QUOTE=Shelley47;1838965]However, the stylist was right about 1 thing, and 1 thing only - I experienced no hair loss. The "manageable, silky hair" was obviously a filthy lie. There is absolutely no difference or improvement in my hair. I spent $250 a week before Christmas for nothing more than a wash-blow-flat iron job. Needless to say, I am NOT impressed...


Hi Shelley,

I sympathize. I did the original Global Keratin four times (and one treatment of Brazilian Blowout) in one year and saw dramatic improvements in my hair texture for 1-2 months. Those treatments also cost an average of $300. I have never been convinced that the "light" versions of these treatment work. I believe the formaldehyde is the active ingredient (not the keratin) so if there's no formaldehyde, the product is no different than pouring conditioner on your head and washing it out. Sorry you're out $250 but at least it didn't leave damage behind.

Aveda has introduced its own version of keratin treatments. There's hardly any information out there about it though. There's one girl on YouTube who says it made no different in her hair either. I am waiting for a healthy, effective alternative to GK and in the meantime, considering a hair texturizer to loosen my roots.