I agree, i'm 18 and the girls in my graduating class. I'd say about 85%, had relaxed hair, that they wore with long weaves. Everyone was always asking me why i didn't wear weave or why i stopped straightening my hair, or that maybe I should try a relaxer. I always said, i liked my hair how it was and didn't see the point. They would talk and point (like grade school children) whenever I wore my hair curly down or even in a bun. I remember one girl asked me "who do you think you are?" because I was "different". I was so shocked i couldn't even answer I was too busy laughing my head off.
As far as parents go my father isn't one to tell me how to wear my hair, but my mother on the other and is always saying I should flat iron it. She was so angry i didn't for graduation. I thought I looked fine, hopefully in college I will be surrounded by more open minded mature "young adults". (: