Hi forum!
I'm new to here and as I can understand, I got a 3A Curly Twirly. Sorry this is gonna be a bit of a long post.
Well I never went to find out what kind of my hair is before, but I decided that I wanted to put some style on it!

So here is how I used to look like, some 6 years ago when I let it grow once:

How I look now:

Now I have some questions if you'd be kind of replying.
My hair feels bad - like a baby's hair - after wash and dry, exception for when is still wet (picture below). My hair gets better if I leave many days with no washing (rarely do it because it starts to feel uncomfortable).

Can you please let me know how often should I actually wash and should I use hot water and for how long? I read this article but not sure which one suits to me:
Curlies: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

The other question is about style. Can I do something like this guy on the picture below? Does this guy has the same kind of hair as mine? (I believe yes) and, mainly, what product should I use?

I've been trying Redken07 which is quite ok but feels greasy. I don't like feeling greasy durin days, I like natural shiny and definite hair like this guy below.

I appreciate your time reading this.

All the very best!

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Welcome to the forum I was new about 6 months ago and people are so helpful on here, it was so nice.

As far as your hair, you'll find that hair properties (texture - fine/medium/coarse - diameter of an individual strand of hair, porosity - low/medium/high - how porous your hair is, elasticity - low/medium/high - how elastic your hair is, you can find information of how to figure that out in the stickies in the General Hair forum) determine more of how to care for your hair compared to curl type, so that will give you more of an idea of how to care for you hair.

As far as washing your hair, it's really what works for you. I know some curlies only wash once a week, others wash every day; it really depends on what you feel you need. For example, I've found my hair likes to be washed about every other day if I'm going places and every 3-5 days if I have nothing to do, and I usually use a moisturizing cleanser or gentle shampoo with occasionally rotating in a cowash (my hair is fine, but I have a lot of it); someone with coarser hair might need more moisture so they use a cowash once a week. Generally the rule of thumb is fine hair likes more protein while coarse hair likes more moisture - hope this helps
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