Wow, missbanjo! What a trooper you are! Doing the 30 Day Shred with an injured ankle. Definitely modify or eliminate the jumping jacks. Here is a good example of a modified jumping jack where one foot is always touching the ground. You could also just do knee lifts with arm raises as a substitute. Be safe!

Ninja - Yay on the five pushups! Five is better than none!

Iroc - Glad to have you with us! The soreness didn't sneak up on me until day 3. Lunges can be hard on your knees. Just be sure to use proper form and don't go all the way down. I would definitely stop the lunges if you are experiencing any kind of knee pain. It's not worth it to blow your knees out. I wish I knew a good substitute for lunges. And I don't find Jillian to be mean or irritating, either. I kind of like her personality in this workout.

On to today's update:

Day 8 of The Shred. Today felt really good! I can tell my endurance is up compared to day 1. I can get through the entire workout without stopping. I still don't do all the pushups, but I can do more than I could do on day 1. And, I do the modified, or 'girly' pushup.

Circuit 3, Strength is where my muscles are begging for mercy - the side lunges with the anterior shoulder raise. I can barely do the last couple shoulder raises. My arms are screaming!

I'm still doing lots more stretching afterwards, paying extra attention to my calves, hamstrings, and the IT band/outer hips. I tend to get very tight in those areas.

I'm actually looking forward to moving on to level 2, which will be on Sunday. I had initially thought of taking Sundays off, but I've been feeling really good, so I'm going to plow on through.

I did an aerobics dvd this afternoon, Gilad Step & Tone Workout. Since I use 3-lb. weights for The Shred, I only used 1 lbs. for this. And again, I only did 45 minutes, skipping the buns and abs work as a lot of that is a repeat of the morning routine.

This morning, I did notice a difference in some parts of my body. More definition in my shoulders and upper arms, more toned around my ribcage, waist looks a little more defined, and my tush looks more toned. Weigh-in day is tomorrow morning. I always dread that first look at the scale, but I know I should be fine with whatever it says because I see changes happening to my shape - the weight loss will follow!
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