This is a great thread! I've been wanting to try "sealing" and this has kind of giving me the ol' kick in the butt to finally give it a whirl! I'm not using a leave-in right now (I have a couple of swaps on the way), will this work if I'm not using a leave-in? Is Flaxseed gel considered a leave-in if I top things off with SS FHG?

I'd like to try the sweet almond oil then I'll give the jojoba oil a shot if it doesn't work out. My hair is really fine so I've been leery about having my hair weighed down even more than it already is. I've stopped using my heavier CJ conditioners and the last 2 times I've washed my hair I've used my cheap Suave coconut as a rinse out and it's been doing better, or so I think, lol, my hair is so much more touchable. Still a bit frizzy though, that's why I'd like to try sealing.
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