To be honest, I really hate both KCKT and KCCC. Neither product does anything for me. KCCC in particular makes my hair crunchy, stringy and brittle. When I use both products together my hair feels dry and straw-like. I don't get plump, nice curls, I get top-ramen noodle-like curls and it's not attractive.

I have heard that a product that works similarly to KCCC would be Queen Helene Royal Curl Jelly. I have tried this, and the consistency of the Queen Helene is very similar to KCCC - its a thick, gloppy jelly. I've used it and my hair likes it ok, I get clumpier curls than I do with the KCCC. I find it a little more drying than my regular everyday styler (I use FSG), but not as drying as KCCC.
I find Queen Helene in my local health food store, so I'm sure you can find it in yours or in Whole Foods. It is very inexpensive at $5.99 for a large pot (I think its 10oz?) and that's a good deal cheaper than KCCC.

The cheapest option, and what works best for me, is to make your own Flax Seed Gel (FSG) and put whatever natural ingredients you want in that. I put my own oils, humectants, curl enhancers, etc. in my FSG and the consistency is very similar to KCCC. The cost is a fraction of what it costs to buy KCCC. Once you buy the ingredients, they last for ages and you can make many batches of gel from your initial purchase of ingredients.
But if making your own gel is not your thing, I'd recommend trying the Queen Helene Jelly For added moisture, use a LI before you apply your jelly.
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

3b. fine & thick, coarse, dry, medium porosity. Sucks up product and loves ACVs! FSG is my HG!

Currently using:
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