What's your daily routine? I used to cowash every day, but got horrible flyaways, so I only cowashed twice a week. Huge difference.

Sometimes you may need to DC more than PT as well.

I've noticed with a water filter, my hair is not as frizzy.
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I wash my hair every other day... Those wash days is me co-washing with the no-poo, and using the one condition as a rinse-out and leave-in. Then I use the Arc Angel gel (after I spray my hair with the Mister Right spray, of course) and I scrunch. I let it air dry, or occasionally use the diffuser. When it's time for bed, I pineapple my hair and that's when I can get the second day hair. Then after that, I do the same thing all over again.

I cannot get third day and beyond hair because my scalp is very itchy and dehydrated. I also have a water filter, so that can't be it...

Yesterday was a great hair day, though. I have used the Arc Angel and thought, "I'm gonna use a second gel!" and drenched my hair with my old trusted L.A. Looks Sports gel on top of the Arc Angel. I went out with friends and once my hair dried, I SOTC, and was left with wavy/looser curls that were soft, shiny, VERY defined, and I had over half of less flyaway frizz! I think I may have found my problem... my hair needs ULTRA STRONG HOLD gel! I can't achieve it with just one gel, but two strong-holding gels to combine a maximum hold gel!

I still saw a miniscule amount of flyaway frizz, but it SERIOUSLY wasn't as bad as all the other days... Maybe if I use an affective sealant, along with the two gels, my hair can FINALLY look virtually frizz-free!

Am I the only girl using two different gels at once, though?!
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