I can't quite figure out my curl type NOW after heat damage. I'm pretty sure it used to be 3b when I was younger and barely did much to my hair. Here are some pics of hair hair stages/journey. Can you please help me decipher my natural curl type and my current damage curl pattern?

My gorgeous long hair as a young girl - 3B?

In HS before I began to obsessively flat iron my hair - 3B?

Right before college flat ironing on a regular weekly basis after roller sets and using a heat protector. I should've stopped then! - 3B/3A?

In college the beginning of noticeably different looser curl pattern - 3A?

My attempt to go curly 2 months ago lots of straight heat damaged ends

Curls now after my big chop are slowly reverting now that I'm going by the CG method using a mix of deva curl products along with KinkyCurly (also I have wavier/straight pieces in the front) - 3A?

Please help!!