Now I feel inferior that I don't have those pearly whites *bling*. I no longer feel that my teeth meet today's standards of what is healthy and good. Isn't that crazy??? I'm not ashamed to smile or anything, but I sometimes look at a photo of me (and there are many ) and think, "gosh, you teeth need to look whiter."
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I think you have lovely teeth, Brio. And people with the electric-neon-glaring-unnatural white teeth creep me out. Some people need to LAY OFF the whitening crap, or they risk looking like they have dentures instead of real teeth.

I, too, think it's getting really disturbing that so many people are concerned with looking their age. I'm 24, and a friend asked me the other day if I was using wrinkle-fighting creams or anything yet. I'm more concerned with being in my early twenties, thank you. Or even mid-twenties! Of course, I've never been one to obsess over looks... I've never thought I was attractive at all, so what's it matter if I don't wear makeup? (God, that sounded like a pity-party. Didn't mean it that way.)

So yeah... just live your life to the fullest, and try to worry as little about wrinkles and other trivial matters as possible.
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thanks, L.

I'm sure there's some brainwashing going on. I try not to succumb, but sometimes it's difficult to not have at least some doubts run through my mind. For some reason, it seems it's no longer enough to have healthy teeth and gums, but we all must now have these unnaturally white teeth, too. And it's not just teeth, either. That was just an example that came to my mind.

I do not ponder on these things or my aging body, but it's just those occasional brief thoughts that come to mind, like that little devil that sits on your shoulder whispering to you occassionally, giving you self-doubts. Personally, I think I'm faring pretty well for a 43 year old chicka. Nothing on my doing -- just in the genes, I suppose.

It is always so easy to say things such as "you're as young as you feel" or "it's only a number." But it's not always that. Aging is real and does definitely change your body in ways that you cannot stop. Yes, you can slow things down somtimes, but not always.

I'm just rambling this morning for some reason. I'm not even really making a point. I'll stop.

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