I kind of can't wait to start this program again! I just finished school for the year and hopefully may start next week. I've been battling high blood pressure and it's just time to stop making excuses and lose weight to help with that. It's easy for me to ignore cuz I've always been bigger than everyone else, I have a man that adores me, and in general have always been happy with myself. I cannot however ignore the fact that my heart is telling me that it needs help.

I have this DVD and liked it when I first started. I have to figure out how to hook up the DVD player (cable guy did not do it right) cuz my computer's optic drive has decided not to recognize discs.

Root canal next week which may have to postpone full on workouts, but I can start some stretching routines. I'm also planning to go on a processed food fast to help counteract the past couple weeks of takeout and easy meals as I finished up school plus two of my own classes in the evenings.