Well, it looks like you like to change your hair color frequently, otherwise I would suggest henna. As you probably know, that's as permanent as it gets! I had issues with my natural red color, the color of a brand new penny--I didn't think it was rich enough either. I've come to accept the color lately though.

I suggest a conditioner that tints your hair red. I had a friend with very dark hair and it turned hers auburn. I'm not sure about the brand though. Commercial red dye washes out really fast, so the shampoo/conditioner is better because it deposits some more each time you use it. I'm also not sure if the conditioner is co-wash friendly.
Dense but fine and delicate 3a hair. Feels like a dandelion without product. Difficulties in getting less puff and more definition when short.

On a mission to grow out after my big chop!