Welcome to the forum I was new about 6 months ago and people are so helpful on here, it was so nice.

As far as your hair, you'll find that hair properties (texture - fine/medium/coarse - diameter of an individual strand of hair, porosity - low/medium/high - how porous your hair is, elasticity - low/medium/high - how elastic your hair is, you can find information of how to figure that out in the stickies in the General Hair forum) determine more of how to care for your hair compared to curl type, so that will give you more of an idea of how to care for you hair.

As far as washing your hair, it's really what works for you. I know some curlies only wash once a week, others wash every day; it really depends on what you feel you need. For example, I've found my hair likes to be washed about every other day if I'm going places and every 3-5 days if I have nothing to do, and I usually use a moisturizing cleanser or gentle shampoo with occasionally rotating in a cowash (my hair is fine, but I have a lot of it); someone with coarser hair might need more moisture so they use a cowash once a week. Generally the rule of thumb is fine hair likes more protein while coarse hair likes more moisture - hope this helps
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hi kimmidawn, thanks for your reply.

From what I could test so far, my hair has low porosity and it's elastic. Has a fair density too.

I think now I understand why my hair feels a bit greasy with products, it's because it won't absorb, right?

But I confess it's a bit tricky to find out what kind of products should I use. Specialy to style it or keep it cool.

I like the products I can buy on the shop.
The only that I tried so far is: Redken - Ringlet 07 Curl Perfector - Curly Hair Styling Product - Hair Styling Products by Redken