Hello Diadem,

First off I would like to say I loved your article. I can completely understand where you are coming from. While I HATED going to the salon, it was still a place where I felt comfortable and I understood the the overall culture of the 'shop" (that's what we call it where I'm from lol) and what it meant to so many woman.

With that said, I think that Black Beauty culture is not lost with the 'natural hair movement'. If anything, I would say that it is just different. You are right, natural hair isn't salon centered but rather "everywhere centered" in my opinion. When I see another woman with natural hair on the street, at the supermarket, post office, etc. if only it's eye contact, we send a message to each other that says, "You look beautiful" or "Girl, work it!". That never happened to me when I was relaxed. Compliments, hair talk and the like rarely left the salon walls. You spoke of your daughter and how she will not know of the hot comb, but do you know what she will know? The detangling sessions, braid-outs, cornrows, or how ever you choose to style it and if that's not black beauty culture, I don't know what is lol. As I said before it may not be exactly how you remembered, but it's still there just in different form and you guys will still bond over it.

I know this was probably very long winded but I just had to speak on the subject because it was something that I never thought about. Great job and thanks for sharing! Best of luck to you!